Investing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, others and the world

(Yes, it’s true!)

Here’s what we’ve normalized it means to run a social initiative…

  • Working 100 hour weeks.
  • Putting everyone and everything else before yourself.
  • Sacrificing your dreams and goals.
  • Constantly serving others so you’re left overwhelmed and overworked.
  • Giving up any sort of work-life balance.
  • Neglecting personal needs for ‘the cause’.

Well, I’m here to shake shit up and tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s what I know…. When we’re overworked, exhausted, and burnt-out, it shows.

And, guess what, the project, people, or cause you’re breaking your back to support is getting a half-assed version of you. You’re selling yourself AND selling your project short.

How can you expect to lead when you haven’t first filled your own cup?

I dreamt of creating radical impact. I cared so passionately about a cause that I threw my whole self into it. My project became my life, I sacrificed my mental and physical health, my relationships, and my personal needs. It wasn’t until I crashed that I was able to wake up and see that I was not alone. This story is far too common among women who were born to create change. 

We’re living in a society that has normalized the pressures we put on ourselves as well as the feelings of insecurity and the doubts we have about our worth and abilities. I know what it is like to be full of conviction… but also burned-out, broke and desperate, with no real plan in sight.

You know something has to change, but you just don’t know what or how…

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

You can launch and lead a project that changes the world AND put yourself, your relationships, your health, and your personal finances as a top priority.

When you put yourself first, your creativity, resourcefulness and presence expand, and your project becomes stronger, more innovative, and more sustainable.

Your project cannot thrive when you are struggling to survive. You need to become the best version of yourself. One that extends beyond work.

Leadership Coaching for socially-driven women who are ready to dominate EVERY aspect of their lives while helping others do the same.


Revolutionize what it means to lead a successful social initiative. 

(become the leader who prioritizes balance, freedom and abundance)


Experience a life of purpose, passion and radical joy while achieving more than you ever thought possible.

(personally, professionally, physically, financially, and socially)


Discover what you truly want out of life.

(so you can live an extraordinary life, aligned with your passions, values and goals)


Step up as the confident female leader you were born to be.

(by overcoming fears, ‘imposter syndrome’, and limiting beliefs)


Lead and launch your dream project with courage, confidence and ease, with a proven plan that delivers massive positive impact.

(including business plans, income-generating strategies and key development goals)


Utilize my 10+ years of non-profit leadership, project management skills, and fundraising expertise to launch or enhance the impact of your initiative.

(so you can stop worrying if you’re making the right decisions)


Our bi-weekly sessions are tailored to your individual needs to meet you where you’re at. In these 45-minute calls, we’ll focus on addressing your biggest challenges in personal, professional and project development.

Biggest Takeaways:

– 6 months of focused bi-weekly sessions

– Personalized action steps after each session


Utilizing my 10+ years of non-profit leadership, I’ve created my signature approach that has proven to give you the necessary tools (not just hypotheticals) to boldly step into your power as a socially conscious leader without sacrificing other areas of your life.

Biggest Takeaways:

– Achieve success and abundance in your social project AND excel in all areas of your life. 


As a non-profit leader in female-led empowerment projects, I know what it is like to care passionately about a cause and throw your whole self into it. During the 6-week program, you’ll have access to me between sessions for any pressing questions and feedback to accelerate your impact.

Biggest Takeaways:

– Message me via text and email between sessions

– Move forward with confidence with your everyday decisions



You’ll officially become part of the Fierce Leaders Facebook family. Enjoy lifetime access to connect and learn from other inspirational female leaders.

Collaborate with and have a built-in support network of wise women ready to share your wins.

Biggest Takeaways:

– Ask questions to women who have gone before you

– Connect and grow through mutual support, and celebration


A 2-hour session to uncover your deepest desires, goals, and bold life vision. We’ll explore what has been holding you back and analyze the “Big 6” areas of your life to co-create an actionable plan to start making your vision an immediate reality. 

Biggest Takeaways:

Discover your unique magic and how you can use it to create maximum impact in the world


For whichever stage of project development you’re at. Whether it’s still an idea or a fully established initiative, you’ll need a simple fundraising strategy to raise the necessary money to keep it afloat.

Biggest Takeaways:

– Learn fundraising best practices and strategies unique to your project

– Cut out the noise and get laser-focused on your necessary tools

– Discover common pitfalls and mistakes nonprofits make when it comes to fundraising

Design Your Dream Life

  • Develop a clear vision of what your dream life looks like.
  • Gain clarity on the ‘best version of you’ and how you want to show up each day.
  • Uncover and overcome obstacles holding you back.
  • Co-create a crystal-clear action plan to start living your dream life and become your best self.

Bring Forth Your Inner Leader

  • Come face-to-face with the fears, “imposter syndrome” and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • Connect with and elicit the powerful feminine leader that exists within you.
  • Develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to confidently step up as the transformative leader you are meant to be every day.

Your Vision & Dream Project

  • Transform your spark of an idea (no matter how vague) into a functional and sustainable project.
  • Lead your dream project in a way that resonates with how you want to live your life.
  • Launch your project – complete with business plans, income-generating strategies, key development goals, transformative partnerships, and more!

Being a socially conscious woman DOES NOT mean it’s necessary to work 100 hour weeks, experience burnout and sacrifice relationships.

With Fierce Leaders, I’ll show you just how possible it is to be an empowered woman boldly chasing her dream of living a life of purpose while leading a change-making project!

If you dream of leading a non-profit or other socially-driven initiative don’t leave it until you’re burnt-out, with no hope for sustainability. Join Fierce Leaders today to maximize the impact you have while living a life of purpose and radical joy.

You already work in non-profit or other socially-driven field and want to step into leadership to better support the people and projects around you. 

But… You’re starting to question your career or commitment because you constantly feel burnt out.

  You are an emerging female entrepreneur who wants to create a business that thrives financially but also gives back and generates positive change in the world. 

But… You’ve got no idea where to get started and are intimidated by the thought of risking the financial security of your business.

  You are a successful corporate leader, but feel like something is missing. You’d love to weave socially-driven action into your work, company and life. 

But… You’re worried you don’t have the capacity and it will lead to burn-out, self-sacrifice and depletion.

  You have achieved personal success and want to launch a philanthropic initiative to give back.

But… You don’t know where to get started and fear your big idea will ‘flop’ before you know it.

 You’re still unclear on your career path, but what you are clear on is that you are committed to living a life of purpose and dream of becoming a global leader and leading a change-making project!

X You’re looking to just hit a business metric and not look inward. Fierce Leaders is designed to help you become the best version of yourself beyond work.

X You’re looking for someone to come in and create a quick-fix business plan.

X You’re not ready to weave together personal growth, leadership development and project design.

X You’re not ready to put in the work and commit to our bi-weekly coaching sessions

How fast can I expect to see results?

In 6 months you can expect to have your dream project ready to launch with confidence, ease, and most importantly a proven plan that ensures work-life balance, sustainability, and radical positive impact.

Is Fierce Leaders for me?

Let me ask you this:

  • Are you ready to say “no more” to sleepless nights, stress tears, empty bank accounts and stalled projects?
  • Are you ready to thrive personally and professionally and positively impact the world from a place of abundance?
  • Are you looking for proven systems and strategies to launch and lead social impact projects sustainably?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then Fierce Leaders is the innovative program you need. You’ll be equipped with the skills and tools to maximize personal growth, leadership development and project design, become the best version of yourself, step into the powerful leader within you, and launch and lead your change-making project.

I don’t yet have a social initiative set up, is Fierce Leaders the right program for me?

Absolutely! If you’re committed to living a life of purpose and dream of leading a change-making project, Fierce Leaders is the program you need to get your idea and vision implemented and launched. I’ll help you transform your idea into a functional and sustainable project ready to positively impact the world.

How long are the coaching sessions?

We’ll meet bi-weekly for 45-minute sessions via Zoom. After each session, I’ll send you personalized follow-up notes, and action steps that support you in reaching your unique personal, professional and development goals.

The doers and the dabblers. And because you’re here, I know you’re a doer! You don’t dream of creating impact and changing the lives of others to then sit back on the sidelines. 

As doers, when you care so passionately about a cause it’s easy to throw your whole self into it and forget to look after yourself and your relationships.

I know the pressure that is on you to put everyone else and your project before yourself. I know the feelings of insecurity you are feeling and the doubts you have about your worth and abilities.  I know what it is like to be full of conviction… but also burned-out, broke, desperate, with no real plan in sight.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can launch and lead projects that change the world AND put yourself, your relationships, your health, and personal finances as a top priority.

Signing up for Fierce Leaders is the bold action you need as a doer to discover what has been missing, become the best version of yourself, and kick-start the impact you want to create in the world.

 Don’t waste another year dreaming with no action. Don’t spend another day with ideas in your head and no plans on the table.

 It’s time to do – Your time is NOW!