You deserve to live a life of purpose, passion, and radical joy… everyday!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re lacking clarity around what you truly want out of life and how to pursue it.
  • You struggle to put yourself first and feel guilt the few times you have.
  • You feel stuck, unfulfilled and capable of more.
  • You feel yourself craving “more”.
  • You’re dealing with the same obstacles and ruts and don’t know how to overcome them.
  • You fear you’re not living up to your highest potential and life is passing you by.

I know exactly how you’re feeling because I’ve been there too. 

Far too often women are told to ‘play it safe’. Society and even our loved ones try to force our goals and desires into perfect cookie-cutter boxes. It doesn’t work like that!

I firmly believe to be truly happy you need to identify and fiercely pursue your deepest desires, live out your authentic goals, and most importantly discover and love your truest self.

After years of blindly following the status quo, falling into patriarchal standards and feeling the need to put others before myself, I know what it is like to feel pressured into the “safe” and “smart” choices but also feel a deep sadness and regret that life is passing by.

Often these “safe” choices are what’s holding you back from discovering your soul purpose and stopping you from living a life of true passion and radical joy.

Friend, I hear you. You feel a yearning for more. You’ve got a heavy feeling of something trying to escape, but for so long it’s been pushed down, suppressed. To actually let it lose can be terrifying as hell!

I hate to sound cheesy, but Danielle truly was a light in my life during a period of particular darkness. From the very beginning Danielle was kind, caring, and an empathetic individual. 

Danielle is a wonderful individual and anyone looking to work with her in the future would be incredibly lucky to do so.


Speech Pathologist & Grad Student

  • You’ve recognized and stepped into your boldest self and are leading an extra-ordinary life full of purpose, passion, and joy (one that you didn’t even know lived within you).
  • You’ve uncovered your soul’s deepest desires and unique magic.
  • You’ve started living every day to its fullest.
  • You’ve got a roadmap to create the life of your dreams with courage and conviction – owning and achieving everything you want.
  • You’ve got the tools to lead an empowered life and overcome obstacles.
  • You’re thriving in all areas of their life (strong, supportive relationships, a purposeful career, feeling and looking your best – it’s all there).

Life Coaching for the Woman Ready to Unleash Her Magic and Boldly Create An Extra-Ordinary Life of Passion, Purpose and Radical Joy.


Step into the most happiest and most empowered version of yourself, the version you’ve always dreamed of being, but never thought you would truly achieve.


Uncover what has been holding you back from fully connecting and aligning with your soul purpose.


Acquire the skills, confidence and self-love needed to feel a sense of joy and fulfilment in your life, no matter your current reality.


Enhance and strengthen connection and commitment in the key areas of your life. So that your health, relationships, career, spirituality, and money are holistically balanced and in alignment.


Create transformational life skills and tools that will allow you to navigate life’s challenges with ease and fluidity.


Develop a clear vision of who you truly are and your core values to make empowered life-changing decisions.


Gain the courage, confidence and conviction to thrive in all areas of your life.


Build accountability and action steps to reach your most authentic self.

Danielle is one of the most empathetic listeners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I could express myself and work through challenges with her in a way that made me feel that she was listening without judgement, and with open ears and an open heart. She listened to me in a way that was not only refreshing (as its hard to find people who don’t simply listen for their chance to speak), but repeated my story back to me in a way that brought a new lens to my situation, helping me to find clarity and meaning while talking through my desires for change.


Non Profit Program Manager

Your most empowered self is waiting…

Uncover and connect to your unique magic. Together we identify what has been holding you back from fiercely pursuing your deepest desires. 

With my support, I guide you towards stepping into your boldest, most empowered self so you can discover your authentic goals while confidently living an extra-ordinary life of radical joy and passion.

What’s included:

  • 45-minute, 1:1 zoom coaching sessions
  • Weekly or bi-weekly tailored to your individual goals
  • Personalized action items after each session

To live a fulfilling life you have to identify and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back.

Through my signature process of self-discovery and self-actualization, I support you in paving the way to new habits and practices needed to create a life you love and step into the best and most confident self!

This road is often bumpy with past lived experiences joining you for the journey. I guide you into opening a space for them so you can meet them at their worst and face your obstacles head-on. If for whatever reason, it feels too overwhelming, I am your helping hand to pull you back on track and remind you of your unique magic around the bend.

What’s included:

  • Weekly follow-up notes and reflections 
  • Personalized materials, tools and worksheets
  • Accountability between sessions via text and email

Accountability & Support

During our time together, I will be with you every step of the way. Whether you need a friend or someone to pull you back on track. I’m available between sessions via email and text.

Time Management Training

This custom 4-part training will help you prioritize your time with a personal scheduling system to convert overwhelming, never-ending task lists into spacious, balanced and enjoyable schedules.

Free Access

Amplify what you are learning in our private sessions with free access to all group coaching offerings, workshops and training that run throughout the duration of your coaching.

Special Discounts

I’m a socially-conscious woman at heart and love to see others doing the same thrive. If you’re a non-profit worker or in socially-minded work, I offer a special 10% off on all coaching services.

I was coached by Danielle for about 6 months. She is a natural! Coaching is just a part of who she is. What I loved most was her full attention to whatever issues I was stuck on at that time. She provided such clarity, and then gave me do-able tasks that I was excited to run with.

My most noticeable result has been more balance, and less stress. Just what a busy working mom needs.


Health Coach & Mom

I know how you’re feeling. Like…

  • You’re in a rut that you just can’t get out of.
  • You’ve been hitting the same wall of obstacles over and over.
  • Life is passing you by.
  • You want MORE.
  • You’re unfulfilled and often feel down.

The time to face your fears is NOW. Meet and identify the beliefs that have been holding you back. Connect with and bring forth the powerful feminine leader that exists within you by choosing yourself.

What is a life coach? Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

A life coach is someone who helps you get clarity about the direction of your life. Many times your desires and goals are hidden deep within you. Over the course of our lives, fears, beliefs and society condition us to live a certain way. Whether that’s in your best interest or not. 

Having a life coach on your side will help you make better decisions and break free from self-destructive habits. With my guidance, I support you in boldly creating the life of your dreams. 

I believe my dreams and goals are selfish, shouldn’t I just be happy in the career/life I worked so hard to get?

As women, we are fluid beings. It’s not uncommon to want and work towards one thing and then realize this doesn’t bring you joy. It’s my mission to help uncover clarity on what you want out of life and guide you in the steps needed to reach it. 

I never want you to feel your dreams and goals are selfish and with my support, I’ll guide you to finding joy every day, so you can live an intentional life aligned with your desires, values and goals.

How long are the coaching sessions?

We’ll meet weekly for 45-minute sessions via Zoom (with the option for bi-weekly sessions). After each session, I’ll send you personalized follow-up notes, reflections and action steps that support you in reaching your unique goals.

How much time do I need to dedicate to coaching?

In addition to the 45-minute session times, I recommend at least 20 minutes per day to reflect and dedicate to your caching and personal development.

Book a discovery call right now to see if we’re a match. By the end of that call, you’ll be equipped with a plan that will allow you to start working together. 

It’s time you uncover the obstacles that have been keeping you ‘stuck’ and develop the habits, mindset, and confidence so you can create your most extra-ordinary life, career, and relationships! 

It’s my guess that because you’re here you’ve said enough is enough and are READY to invest in yourself. Align your soul purpose to become the bold, empowered woman you were born to be.

I can’t wait to meet you,