For the woman ready to uncover and connect to her unique magic.

I firmly believe that the only way you can be truly happy is to fiercely pursue your deepest desires, live out your most authentic goals, and most importantly discover and love your truest self.

This powerful package is for the woman who feels stuck in a rut, has been hitting obstacle after obstacle, is not fully connected and purposeful with her path and is READY to stop living small and light the fire that ignites her soul.

She’s READY to unleash her magic and step into her fullest potential so she can confidently embody her most extra-ordinary life and experience radical joy.


For the visionary woman who dreams of changing the world through launching and leading a non-profit, foundation, or social initiative. 

Utilize my 10+ years of non-profit leadership, project management skills, and fundraising expertise to finally bring your game-changing pipedream to life or enhance the impact of the initiative you’ve already launched.

After years of putting projects before my well-being and seeing so many of my colleagues do the same, I am revolutionizing what it means to be a socially-driven woman and leader. Through my leadership coaching, I’m supporting women to create massive social impact, while also living a life full of balance, freedom and abundance. 

With my holistic approach and proven “on the ground” skills, I will guide you to lead your dream project with courage, confidence and conviction, all without sacrificing your wellbeing, finances or personal goals.


For the non-profit organization or social initiative that needs some extra support in gaining traction and impact.

Receive expert guidance on fundraising strategy, leadership development, organizational planning, and anything in between to kickstart, strengthen and stabilize your project. As a Women’s Empowerment Advocate and Leader, I also work with projects to incorporate more Feminist and Gender-Transformative approaches to all aspects of their programming and design.

With 10 years working as a leader in the nonprofit sector, I can help your organization in developing the clarity, integrity, and sustainable systems your organization needs to thrive.

Some areas of lived expertise are Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Grant Writing, Gender Transformative/Feminist Approaches, Women’s Empowerment, Staff Wellness, and Leadership Development.