The REAL Secret

To Reaching Your Goals & Finding Fulfilment

 (How To Use Value-Based Goal Setting)

Are you struggling to reach your goals? Are you sick of quitting halfway through or losing momentum? 

First, you are not alone. In fact less than 8% of people achieve the goals they set (yikes!) But… you can break this pattern.

In this blog you will learn:

  1. Why you are struggle to achieve your goals
  2. The secret to setting and achieving goals that will bring true fulfilment and joy
  3. How to discover what your core values are and how to use this radical self-knowledge to set goals and create the life of your dreams

Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

When I first became a coach and began creating international women’s empowerment programs, I was all about goals. I was very linear and looking at the external. Encouraging women to look at what they wanted externally and supporting them in making those dreams happen.

Are goals still a crucial piece of what I do? Absolutely! But… my approach has changed and deepened significantly over time.

Through my personal and professional experience, I have discovered that jumping right into setting external goals is not sustainable, often not successful, and sadly, rarely brings the joy and fulfilment we think it will. 


Because if we look only externally for our goals, they will not be aligned with what we truly desire. 

Far too often goals are tied to what we think we should want or should be doing. And they are not founded in true deep desires. The majority of people set goals, without truly identifying WHY that is so important to them.  Because the only way to truly reach our goals, and achieve our dreams, is to be connected to our deepest WHY (desires) and true purpose. Otherwise, they fall flat, we lose commitment and stay stuck.⁠

In short, our goals should not be the foundation of how we live our lives, our goals are the expression of how we live our lives.

So, if they are not the foundation? What is? 

The #1 Secret To Setting & Achieving Your Goals

The foundation of how we should live and design our lives is based on our values. Your core values are your compass, they guide you towards a life of true fulfilment.

When our goals are rooted in our core values, this creates an incredible strong anchor to keep us connected and committed to making our goals a reality. 

And, when our goals are in line with our core values, we will feel naturally more inclined to work at them and stay committed- making taking action and achieving our goals SO much easier.   

What are “Core Values”?

Values as defined as “one’s judgment of what is important in life” 

In short, they are the guideposts of our life. They impact the decisions we make, the priorities we set and where we find fulfilment.

Here is the secret…Your values should be the foundation of your goals. 

When you are clear on your core values:

  • You can set goals aligned with what you truly want. The #1 reason people do not achieve their goals is because they lack deeper connection with “why” they are so important. When goals are founded on your core values, you will have a much deeper internal commitment to achieve them.
  • You can make informed life choices. Decisions become easy, and you can say goodbye to constant uncertainty and being stuck.
  • You can have deeper clarity on what you want your life to look like, what actions you want to take, and what changes you want to create.

Once you are clear on your values, you can then set goals and take action to align with and deepen your values. Doing so will allow you to set goals that will bring real fulfilment and joy, and as these goals are anchored into your soul and core you will be much more likely to stay on track and achieve these goals. 

Getting clear on your values is the #1 pathway to living your best life, and creating a life full of purpose, passion, and radical joy. 

Here is How You can Get Started

  1. Discover Your Core Values. I recommend listening to this podcast by Brene Brown and you can also download my FREE ‘Values Discovery Worksheet’ 
  2. With your values clear, create a vision of your happiest and most extra-ordinary life, based on your core values. I strongly recommend getting the support of a coach for this step, and making a vision board.
  3. Once you have a clear vision of your most extra-ordinary life, then you can set goals that will directly make that vision your reality. 
  4. Start taking empowered action and working on your goals.
  5. See your most extra-ordinary life unfold

Discovery your core values is the first step in your journey of self-discovery and personal fulfilment. 

When I work with clients, ‘Discovering Your Values’ is always one of the first things we work on. From there, we are able to design their most extra-ordinary life and work together every week to identify goals and actions that will make that dream a reality.

If you want support on discovering your values or creating a life based on your values – book a free call with me. I will guide you through a process to get crystal-clear on your top core values and we can co-create a plan to make them the foundation of your life. 

Or you can join the waitlist for my upcoming “Discovering Your Values” Workshop