You were born to be extra-ordinary. 

It’s time you stepped into your power and discovered true passion, radical joy and your soul purpose.

Get a job that pays the bills, be “comfortable”, settle down – don’t ask questions, be ok with the ordinary, and put everyone else before ourselves.

And then one day you wake up and realize this isn’t the life you’ve dreamed of, and it feels like the best years are passing you by. You find yourself thinking “Is this it?”. You feel a yearning for something bigger. You know you are capable of more. But, for a long time, those bold dreams stay locked away inside.

… Maybe you’re still unsure what your true dreams are

… Maybe you’re on the path to make a change

… Maybe you’ve been neglecting your own needs to help others

Wherever you are in seeking a more passionate, joyful and purpose-driven life, that is where I come in…

As someone who found herself blindly following the status quo for many years, I remember envisioning my life following that trajectory. It scared the shit out of me, and I said, “enough was enough”. 

I quit my job and moved to a foreign country where I discovered my life’s purpose of helping women reach their fullest potential. By making the “selfish choice” of putting myself and my goals first, I found true joy and passion, and as a result, I’ve been able to support the empowerment journey of thousands of women around the world.

Support in finding what lights your soul on fire.

For women who know they want more but are not fully connected and purposeful in their current reality. 

Together we’ll uncover your passions and soul-aligned goals so you can confidently step into your truest self and live your happiest and most fulfilling life.

For passionate women who want to create positive change in the lives of others. 

In this 1:1 program develop skills, confidence, and clarity you need to launch and lead world-changing projects. 

Create a sustainable plan to advance or bring your social initiative to life with courage, confidence and conviction without sacrificing your wellbeing.

With 10 years as a non-profit leader, I support individuals and organizations in improving their impact, strategy and sustainability.

 Receive expert guidance on fundraising strategy, leadership development, organizational planning, and anything in between. 

Develop the clarity, integrity, and sustainable systems your organization needs to thrive.

You deserve to invest in your personal happiness and design a life you love. 

Let’s grab a virtual coffee and explore how I can support you in discovering and achieving your boldest dreams.

An extra-ordinary life is your birthright

You deserve…

  • A life that brings you joy and purpose.
  • To live life intentionally – one that is in line with your values and vision.
  • Radical joy, passion and purpose… Every. Single. Day.
  • To feel you’re having a positive impact on the world.
  • To make an impact and leave a legacy.

I hate to sound cheesy, but Danielle truly was a light in my life during a period of particular darkness. From the very beginning Danielle was kind, caring, and an empathetic individual. 

Danielle is a wonderful individual and anyone looking to work with her in the future would be incredibly lucky to do so.


Speech Pathologist & Grad Student

Danielle is one of the most empathetic listeners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I could express myself and work through challenges with her in a way that made me feel that she was listening without judgement, and with open ears and an open heart. She listened to me in a way that was not only refreshing (as its hard to find people who don’t simply listen for their chance to speak), but repeated my story back to me in a way that brought a new lens to my situation, helping me to find clarity and meaning while talking through my desires for change.


Non Profit Program Manager

I was coached by Danielle for about 6 months. She is a natural! Coaching is just a part of who she is. What I loved most was her full attention to whatever issues I was stuck on at that time. She provided such clarity, and then gave me do-able tasks that I was excited to run with.

My most noticeable result has been more balance, and less stress. Just what a busy working mom needs.


Health Coach & Mom