It’s Time You Step Into Your Full Power and Unleash Your Gifts

(Re)-Discover Your Worth So You Can Boldly Create Your Most Extra-Ordinary Life and Radiate Positive Change in the World

A multi-faceted, socially-driven coach fiercely committed to helping women step into their most empowered selves, so they stop living small and start sharing their unique magic with the world.


You already have everything you need but societal pressures and past lived experiences can mask your truest desires. 


You know you want more out of life but feel guilt for choosing to invest in yourself, your dreams, or your wellbeing. 

As a life and leadership coach, I’m on a mission to support you in finding what sets your soul on fire, ignite your boldest passions, dreams, and joys, so we can co-create a world where all women thrive (including you!).

I’m leading a revolution on what it means to be an empowered woman and socially driven leader.

Here’s a quick trailer of what led me to the revolution. My story, like many of yours, started at the ‘safe’ choice and mediocrity of my comfort zone, to the ah-ha moment of quitting my secure job and moving to a foreign country where I discovered my life’s passion for helping women reach their fullest potential.

But even then, I found myself falling into the same patriarchal societal standards, I thought it was my “duty” to put others before myself. Wanting to create positive change so badly I was burning the candle at both ends trying to do all I could for the people and causes I cared so fiercely about.

  • 100 hour work weeks
  • Neglecting personal needs
  • Pressure on relationships
  • Weight gain and stress (or not eating at all)
  • Losing sight of why you started in the first place


and then, I crashed. 

    That crash led me to reject what everyone said it meant to lead a social project as well as be an empowered and purposeful woman.

    I started focusing on my well-being, personal goals, and health. I (*gasp*) put myself first.

    And when my health and happiness improved, so did every other aspect of my life…

    • Improved relationships and connection
    • Increased joy and purpose
    • More money
    • Project reach and recognition skyrocketed
    • Personal transformation
    • Elevated impact

    When we first fill our own cup we’re able to make the greatest change in the world

    For years I felt the need to separate my non-profit work and coaching. But, through my lived experiences I found they are inextricably linked. 

    If you’re…

    • Living the safe choice, stuck, unfulfilled and driven for more…
    • Fearful of not living up to your fullest potential and of one day waking up to a life that has passed you by…
    • Unsure how to recognize and step into your unique life purpose…
    • Burnt out, overworked and sacrificing your wellbeing…
    • Struggling to be a leader…

    I hear your cries loudly, my friend!

    I’ve been where you are and it’s my honour to support women like you in creating your dream life, on your terms, so you can lead a life of radical joy and abundance, and become the inspiring woman this world needs.

    I want you to live every day full of purpose, radical joy and passion

    (And yes, I’m certified to do so)…

    • Certified Life Coach (CLC)
    • Certified Health Coach (CHC)
    • REALgirl Foundation International Program Director & Master Instructor
    • Co-founder of SERniña – Guatemalan Girl Empowerment Program
    • University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award Recipient (2020)
    • Trilingual Educator B.Ed  (English, Spanish, French)
    • United Nations Commission on the Status of Women – Selected Canadian Delegate
    • Co-created over 500 hours of empowerment and leadership curriculum and programs that are being run around the world